Why You Should Choose Philco…

There are many great reasons...

to choose Philco for your heating and air conditioning system – but maybe we’re biased. Here are a few of the numerous reasons Philco is your best bet for hardworking HVAC.

  1. We back our products with an exceptional 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty.
  2. If a major component in a furnace fails within the first year after installation, the entire unit is replaced.
  3. Our units offer comfort and efficiency at a great value.
  4. We manufacture using a process called Demand Flow Technology to reduce errors and improve quality.
  5. We triple-check our HVAC units at the factory before they undergo computer-automated testing.
  6. There are efficient options available that can be a big improvement from an old unit – and save you money on utility bills every month.
  7. Our components are constructed with heavy-duty materials and proven technology.
  8. Philco units are attractive and will look nice next to your home.
  9. Each cooling system contains corrosion-resistant coils that reduce instances of coil leaks.
  10. Every Philco system is compatible with environmentally-friendly refrigerant.

Note: Long warranty and Quality Pledge require product registration to be in effect.