Pioneering Technology Backed By
the Philco HVAC Warranty

Not only do Philco heating and air conditioning products offer pioneering technology at a complete value, but they are backed by an exceptional HVAC warranty geared at giving you long-lasting peace of mind. Buying a new system can be expensive, so it is important that some of the strain can be alleviated by offering an excellent HVAC warranty. At Philco, providing homeowners with the best products at a friendly price is our main concern. So, we back each product with a warranty to match their quality.

Note: The following HVAC warranty only applies to systems and components manufactured after January 1, 2018.

10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty.

Although a 5-year limited all-parts warranty comes standard with Philco heating and cooling systems, it is important to experience maximum coverage through product registration. After registration, your HVAC warranty coverage switches from the minimum, 5-year plan to our 10-year limited all-parts warranty. This is some of the best coverage in the HVAC industry. Registration is simple – just talk to your local Philco contractor or click here. Get some of the best coverage through product registration.

Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty.

Not only is your HVAC warranty coverage extended through registration, but the heat exchanger warranty is also extended from 20 years to a limited lifetime warranty. The heat exchanger is the most important component of your gas furnace or gas/electric packaged system, so it is important to make sure that part is covered over the life of the system.

Gas Furnace Quality Pledge

We offer a 1-Year Quality Pledge for the heat exchanger (the main component of a furnace). Like the other warranty features, this is only available if the unit is registered within 60 days after installation. Philco will replace the entire unit to the original owner if the heat exchanger fails within the first year after installation.

10-Year Warranty for IAQ Components

Your indoor air quality products are just as important as the other parts of your heating and cooling equipment. It is important that this system is running well, and we answer that with our HVAC warranty. Philco includes a 10-year warranty on our indoor air quality products when they are installed as part of a complete Philco system and registered.

Commercial HVAC Systems

We offer a different HVAC product warranty for our systems used in commercial applications. Protections include: a 1-year limited parts warranty, a 5-year compressor warranty and a 10-year heat exchanger warranty.

Extended Warranty

Your contractor may offer different extended warranty coverage. Each contractor can offer different HVAC warranty packages, labor protection plans, rebates and system financing. The way to find out about your extended warranty coverage is to discuss your options with the professional who will install your equipment. Talk to the Philco distributor in your area and get in touch with the right HVAC installer.