Packaged Units

Ever heard of a package HVAC unit? When most people think about heating and air conditioning, they think of the split-system air conditioner paired with a gas furnace. However, for someone homeowners a split system may not be the most practical or smartest solution – a heavy-duty package unit may be the better choice. We take care to make sure that our packaged units are durable and worth the money you put into it. Each of our package AC units are constructed with a heavy-gauge steel jacket and a plastic mesh that makes sure projectiles – like balls, hail or lawnmower blades – don’t harm the crucial internal components.

Packaged systems do not contain an indoor component (like a separate gas furnace or air handler). This means that if you live in a home that doesn’t have an attic or crawlspace, you don’t have to worry about where you will squeeze in an indoor component – you can still get central heating and cooling with a package unit. We also have two different footprints – small and large. With a smaller footprint packaged unit, your contractor will have an easier time installing the unit. On the other hand, a large footprint package AC unit has greater installation flexibility as it can sit on the ground or on a roof.

Continue reading for more information on our package systems and get an idea of which one would be best for your home. Talk to your local Philco contractor about your various heating and cooling options – including our packaged units.

14-SEER Packaged Air Conditioner or Heat Pump in a Small Footprint

A 14-SEER, small-footprint package AC unit or heat pump makes installing and maintaining your unit easier. These units contain easy access panels around all of the major components so your contractor can readily get to all of the crucial components of your unit. These units also come with an evaporator and condenser that optimize the transfer of heat for greater reliability during the cooling season. These package units require minimal clearance from the home and are easy to transport and install. Not to mention, a 14-SEER unit is an excellent efficiency upgrade from an old, inefficient unit.

14-SEER Packaged Air Conditioner or Heat Pump in a Large Footprint

While this unit has a lot of the benefits that come with the small-footprint unit, it also comes with additional features that make it an attractive system option. These units have heavy-gauge, full-perimeter base rails that make mounting the unit a breeze. Not to mention the flexibility offered by this system – it can be installed on a roof or a slab. These units also come with compatibility to a number of commercial system features – like an economizer, dampers and roof curbs. All of our components are proven and reliable, all for a great value.

14-SEER Gas Pack

A gas pack combines the electric cooling power of an air conditioner with the heating power of a gas furnace. Many of the benefits included with a large footprint packaged air conditioner or heat pump are also available with this hardworking gas pack; such as, easy mounting, compatibility with commercial features, and installation flexibility. This is a great option for homeowners in areas where the temperatures get cooler in the winter – due to the gas furnace capabilities. Talk to your contractor to see if a gas/electric package unit is right for homes in your area.

Contact your contractor for help deciding the best efficiency and product suited to meet your needs.

10 Year All Parts Warranty

When a product is built to high quality standards, the manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in its warranty. Philco systems offer one of the best warranties – 10 years on all parts when the unit is registered. See warranty page for more information.

Warranty Registration

To assure you take advantage of these longer warranties, register your system within 60 days of installation (or within 60 days of occupancy of a new residentially constructed home with these products). See warranty page for more information.