Gas Furnaces

Choosing a Philco natural gas furnace means years of hardworking performance and whole-home comfort for those cold winter nights. Each Philco gas furnace is manufactured keeping the highest quality standards in mind. We make sure each unit is 100% checked before being shipped out to homeowners through a manufacturing process known as Demand Flow Technology. This process makes sure that best practices are used during manufacturing and helps cut back on any human error that may have occurred during the assembly process. But, if you do need a repair, we have the warranty to back our process – the 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty (product registration required). Confidence is key when you buy one of our durable systems – homeowners can rest easy knowing their system was manufactured using best practices and that parts are covered if a replacement is needed.

Not only do we employ one of the best processes for checking our gas furnaces, but we make sure the parts that go into those units are up to the task of heating your home well. Each unit is made with a heavy-gauge, scratch-resistant cabinet that protects all of the crucial components of your natural gas furnace from being damaged by unnecessary wear and tear. Not only that, but we use SmartLite™ technology to extend the life of the ignitor – one of the most important parts of your gas furnace.

Like our other products, it is important that you find the right contractor to do your gas furnace installation or repair job. Contact your local Philco contractor for quotes on natural gas furnace installation.

Fixed-Speed, Two-Stage Gas Furnaces – 80% and 95.1% AFUE

The energy-saving performance of a two-stage natural gas furnace can really pay off over the long run. These systems come in two efficiency options – the 80% AFUE gas furnace and the 95.1% AFUE option. But the two-stage operation is really the main focus. If you operate your unit at the first stage (the lower capacity) for a longer period of time, you will be able to enjoy more even temperatures through your home due to the system’s ability to mix the air for a longer period of time. Now, it is just time to choose between efficiencies. If you live in an area with a longer heating season, it can be beneficial to choose the more efficient option. The higher the AFUE percentage, the less energy that’s wasted. If you can get more energy out of the fuel you put into the system, you may save money on your heating costs.

Fixed-Speed, Single-Stage Gas Furnaces – 80%, 92.1% and 95% AFUE

Like all Philco products, these furnaces are built using proven components for reliable performance. A fixed-speed, single-stage product is designed to meet basic heating needs, with the best value. Some models are also available in our compact size for tighter spaces. The contractor will recommend the furnace that will meet your efficiency and installation needs.

For system flexibility and heating power at a solid value, choose one of Philco’s fixed-speed, single-stage natural gas furnaces. These heating units come in three efficiency options – 80% AFUE, 92.1% AFUE and 95% AFUE – as well as different installation configurations to meet each home’s unique needs. These include downflow, upflow and horizontal options. So, regardless of your installation requirements, there is a gas furnace that can meet your needs.

Choosing the efficiency of your system should be partially decided by how long your heating season is. If you do not need a lot of heating power, you can install the base efficiency, 80% AFUE natural gas furnace. However, the 92.1% or 95% AFUE gas furnace is the way to go if you have a longer heating season. But, it also depends on your budget. Any of these efficiency options offer great heating capabilities for a solid value. Contact your Philco gas furnace contractor for advice on which system to have installed in your home.

Contact your contractor for help deciding the best efficiency and product suited to meet your needs.

10 Year All Parts Warranty

When a product is built to high quality standards, the manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in its warranty. Philco systems offer one of the best warranties – 10 years on all parts when the unit is registered. See warranty page for more information.

Warranty Registration

To assure you take advantage of these longer warranties, register your system within 60 days of installation (or within 60 days of occupancy of a new residentially constructed home with these products). See warranty page for more information.