Air Cleaners & Filters

Having comfortable temperatures indoors is an improvement on indoor air quality, but that is just one aspect. Add a powerful air cleaner with high filtration power in order to clean the air in your home and breathe easier. At Philco we offer several indoor air filtration systems that will positively impact your overall heating and air conditioning system. Each of our air cleaners contain hardworking air filters that can filter out even the smallest particles – down to 0.01 microns! They can aid in removing pollutants from dust down to viruses. If you suffer from allergies, this can greatly improve your home comfort by removing most of those irritating allergens from the air.

Also, when you register your equipment, your Philco indoor air quality products are backed by our 10-Year Limited All Parts Warranty . So, not only will you get the peace of mind that comes with choosing an air cleaner with high filtration power, but you will also get the confidence that comes with a long warranty.

For clean indoor air and premium home comfort, invest in an air cleaner with excellent air filters. Talk to your Philco heating and air conditioning contractor about our air filtration systems.

Electronic Air Cleaner

If you want to filter out some of the smallest particles out of your indoor air and get the benefits that come with investing in efficiency, choose an electronic air cleaner. These systems are the ultimate clean air combination and can electronically remove airborne contaminants as small as 0.01 microns. This includes filtering out: dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke and grease, mold, bacteria, viruses and other biological agents that contribute to allergies and illness. Protect the people in your home with this highly-effective air filtration system.

Media Air Cleaner

The media air cleaner uses, you guessed it, a media air filter to get particles down to 0.3 microns out of your indoor air. You also have the opportunity to add a carbon-post air filter to this system for aid in the removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be found in paints, household cleaners, glues, permanent markers, etc. It is hard to get away from them and they can negatively impact your health. The ability to filter them out is crucial for improved indoor air quality.

Not only that, but this media air cleaner has a MERV rating of 11. With a higher MERV rating, your air filtration system is able to filter out more particles from your indoor air – the trapping spaces are smaller for enhanced filtration efficiency.

Whole-Home HEPA Air Cleaner with 3-Stage Filtration

This three-stage filter contains a little bit of every type of filtration power. High-efficiency/effective air filters contain the HEPA label to denote their power. This air filtration system includes an activated carbon pre-filter that removes lint and odors from your air. Meanwhile, the HEPA filter in this system is able to capture up to 99.97% of contaminants 0.3 microns or larger and last for years – up to 5! In addition, the carbon post-filter, like the media air cleaner, can filter out VOCs from your indoor air. We include additional protection as well in the form of a carbon/potassium permanganate VOC post-filter that removes heavy-duty odors and toxic vapors like formaldehyde. This last component is an optional upgrade. If you are looking for the best filtration power, invest in the whole-house HEPA air cleaner with 3-stage filtration.

Contact your contractor for help deciding the best efficiency and product suited to meet your needs.

10 Year All Parts Warranty

When a product is built to high quality standards, the manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in its warranty. Philco systems offer one of the best warranties – 10 years on all parts when the unit is registered. See warranty page for more information.

Warranty Registration

To assure you take advantage of these longer warranties, register your system within 60 days of installation (or within 60 days of occupancy of a new residentially constructed home with these products). See warranty page for more information.