Air Handlers and Coils

Having a properly matched system is important for whole-home comfort and system satisfaction. Philco air handlers and coils are designed to last and come with system features that make them a desirable option. Our air handlers contain either a variable- or fixed-speed motor. The difference between the two has an impact on the money you spend to cool/heat your home and your overall home comfort. The variable-speed motors included in some Philco products comes with greater air-mixing capabilities that lead to more even temperature throughout your home and dehumidification assistance. This type of air handler is often paired with a high-efficiency cooling system because of its quiet operation and better temperature mixing capabilities. On the other hand, the single-speed fan motor is hardworking and economical. Your Philco contractor will be able to provide you with the information you need to select the right air handler.

The advanced technology and durable performance doesn’t stop with our air handlers. Our hardworking indoor coils employ Micro-Channel technology for better corrosion resistance. Micro-Channel coils are more resistant to corrosion because of their all-aluminum construction. Traditional tube-in-fin coils are made out of copper, which is more susceptible to corrosion. By alleviating problems with coil leaks, Micro-Channel coils are able to keep the refrigerant circulating through your unit and, in turn, cool air throughout your home.

Contact your contractor for help deciding the best efficiency and product suited to meet your needs.

10 Year All Parts Warranty

When a product is built to high quality standards, the manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in its warranty. Philco systems offer one of the best warranties – 10 years on all parts when the unit is registered. See warranty page for more information.

Warranty Registration

To assure you take advantage of these longer warranties, register your system within 60 days of installation (or within 60 days of occupancy of a new residentially constructed home with these products). See warranty page for more information.