Air Conditioners

Not all high-quality air conditioners have to come at such a steep price. Philco AC systems offer exceptional cooling power at a price that will make you happy at the end of the day. Durability is in our design. Each unit is constructed using a resistant steel jacket. This feature makes sure that come rain, sleet, snow, etc., your unit is protected. In addition, each unit is manufactured using a process known as Demand Flow Technology. This process ensures that best practices were used during construction, as well as during the testing process. All units are tested at each point of the manufacturing process. This system of checks and rechecks ensures that the air conditioner that arrives at your home has been reliably built in a timely manner.

There are two different types of air conditioning layouts – the split system and the packaged system air conditioners. The following products are all split systems. What is the difference? A split-system air conditioner contains an outdoor condensing unit and is connected to another indoor component (either a furnace or an air handler). This is the system that most homeowners decide to have installed in their homes. However, if you do not have room for an indoor component, a packaged system may be the direction to head in.

Our air conditioners are sturdy and backed by a long parts warranty (product registration required). So, not only will you be getting a product that is built to last, but if something were to happen, your part costs are covered. Talk to your Philco contractor about your air conditioning system options, and for quotes and installation.

Single-Stage Air Conditioners with Variable-Speed Blowers

These higher-efficiency air conditioners are a great option for homeowners who are looking for a unit above base efficiency but don’t want to have to empty their bank account to get it. These Philco AC units start at 14 SEER and can go all the way up to 16 SEER. The higher the efficiency rating, the more money you may save on your monthly utilities. The variable-speed motor in the indoor component of this system setup enhances home comfort. These motors can mix the temperatures of the air in your home for more even temperatures throughout – say goodbye to uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

In addition, our systems come with Micro-Channel coils that resist corrosion better than traditional copper coils. Corrosion can be tricky to spot and lead to loss of refrigerant and poor cooling performance. So, it is important that you head off this problem with the latest in coil technology.

Fixed-Speed, Single-Stage Air Conditioners

If you are looking to replace your existing air conditioner with an air conditioning system that is the most budget-friendly, go with our 14-SEER air conditioning option. Although this unit is minimum efficiency, it can still have great system benefits over an older system that may have only been between 6 to 10 SEER – the old standards in efficiency. This system is not only economical, but hardworking as well – all backed by our outstanding part warranty when registered.

Contact your contractor for help deciding the best efficiency and product suited to meet your needs.

10 Year All Parts Warranty

When a product is built to high quality standards, the manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in its warranty. Philco systems offer one of the best warranties – 10 years on all parts when the unit is registered. See warranty page for more information.

Warranty Registration

To assure you take advantage of these longer warranties, register your system within 60 days of installation (or within 60 days of occupancy of a new residentially constructed home with these products). See warranty page for more information.